Rainy Days and Saying Goodbye..

Posted on May 11th, 2010 by

Well.. on the bright side with crappy weather there’s one less thing to distract busy Gusties during these busy final weeks of spring semester, unfortunately it may deter some of the barbeques and outdoor celebrations that were planned months in advance before anyone could predict rain and a high of 50° in the middle of May. In fact, tomorrow evening one of the admission office’s favorite yearly events will be taking place at the home of none other than our current Dean of Admission Mark Anderson. For years Mark and his wife Franny have graciously opened their home for one night of fun and memories for the employees of the admission office. It’s also a bittersweet time where senior student employees in the admission office talk about their future plans, favorite/most memorable memories, etc. This year’s end of the year barbeque is especially bittersweet because unfortunately for all of us student employees it will be our last with Mark and Franny :(. After 32 years of serving the Gustavus community Mark will be retiring from his position as Dean of Admission. As we gather to celebrate all of the wonderful years and memories we have of working with Mark we’ll remember all the fun times, busy times in the office, and of course talk about what he’s going to do with all of his free time as a retired administrator.. Frisbee golfing maybe? Anyways, this year’s barbeque for the admission office not only marks the end of the academic year but also the end of an outstanding career. Thank you Mark for all that you have done and will continue to do for Gustavus. Who knows, maybe next year around this time all of your favorite admission office employees will show up at yours and Franny’s home with burgers and chips and lots to talk about! :)


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