The last blog of the semester

Posted on May 18th, 2010 by

Here it is: The last blog of the year… I know right?! I can’t believe it either… it seems like just yesterday Megan sent out that email asking for potential Gustie Bloggers and now here we are, tomorrow is the final day of classes and then our exams begin. It’s so daunting, each year that ends because it’s one year closer to graduation, at least that’s how it was in high school and how it is now in college. It’s exciting looking forward to going off to college and then going off into the ‘real’ world of jobs, grad school, med school, law school, etc. That anticipation and fear of what comes after school is very daunting yet exciting at the same time, it’s a whole new chapter in life where everything you’ve learned thus far finally comes into play and you get the opportunity to learn even more from experience. For all of you seniors (in college and high school :) ) good luck and learn a lot! And for all of you first years, sophomores and juniors in college or high school I’ll see you next year, whether you’re a new student a returning student or a visiting high school student, I’ hope to see you on the hill!


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