Get out and vote Gusties!

Posted on November 2nd, 2010 by

Judging by the number of little red “I Voted” stickers floating around campus lots of Gusties went out and voted today at the community center in St. Peter. Even if you aren’t old enough yet to vote you’ve probably heard a lot about the election, some interesting some maybe not so interesting. As a liberal arts college Gustavus recognizes the importance of getting out and voting as they sponsor free transportation for students and bus them down to the community center to vote and before the election takes place help students get registered to vote (it’s really easy!).  And as a fun event for the Gustavus campus no matter which candidates you support the College Democrats host an election party with free food, prizes and fun while everyone can watch the results roll in. I’m a District 6 native so it’s gonna be really exciting seeing those results :) Happy Election everyone and don’t worry all you 17-and-under-year-olds, your time to vote will come sooner than you think!


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