Don’t fear your professors!

Posted on November 9th, 2010 by

The professors here are as wicked awesome as the ones on Harry Potter, just without the crazy hats and robes

The professor student relationship is a really important one here at Gustavus and you’ll for sure see that if you visit Gustavus and get the chance to sit in on a class and talk to a professor one on one. They’re great mentors, teachers and colleagues who all want to see their students succeed and strive to make that happen each and every day even if it means holding extra office hours to meet with students or get together outside of class and just talk. That was one of the most important things I wanted in a college when I started looking; I wanted to have professors who would know my name and I’m very happy to say Gustavus’ professors have delivered 100% on that!  Even some of the bigger classes I’ve had (bigger meaning 40-50 students) the professors knew everyone and genuinely cared about everyone’s progress in their class. If you don’t believe how dedicated the professors here are see for yourself and ask to meet with a professor! If you think you’re slightly interested in a certain academic area talk to a professor from that department and they will be so excited to tell a prospective student all about what they teach and what they have to offer at Gustavus.


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  1. Suchee Ling says:

    I heard it’s really hard to talk to Prof’s especially when your coming as a foreign student.