Snowy Days Posted on November 16th, 2010 by

A classic winter cartoon

It’s finally happened: the Gustavus campus as well as the little town of St. Peter was dumped on by approximately 8 inches of snow this weekend! Already last Saturday morning Gusties were out and about all bundled up, chucking snow balls and making snowmen, Hollingsworth field was buried in so much snow the home football game was cancelled! Even my neighbors across the hall were playing Christmas songs to get into the snowy spirit. The snow reminded me and others that there’s only about a month left in the semester before we all go home for Christmas after finals. It’s crazy how the time flies! There seems like there’s so much to do but not a whole lot of time to do it… In the mean time don’t forget to take some time to watch the snowflakes fall before getting  swept up in all the craziness of the holiday season and the end of fall semester.



  1. ziqi, zhang says:

    i heard MN’s wintertime is very long, haha i actually born in a harsh winter.
    i really expect to experience the Christmas here…

    • Stephanie Duley says:

      Yeah, Minnesota’s winter is reeeeeeally long! But the Christmas/Holiday spirit makes it better :) I love how they put up Christmas trees in the caf and they always decorate the big pine tree in between the campus center and Uhler.