We’re back! Posted on January 3rd, 2011 by

After what felt like too short of a break, many Gusties are back on campus for the month as they enroll in a January term course. What is that you may be thinking?? Gustavus requires students to partake in two J-term courses throughout their four years here. It can be anything from a class to an internship, or even studying abroad!
The feel on campus is much different from the fall semester. With most students back from celebrating the holidays, a laid back lifestyle came with them from break. J-term is a wonderful time of the school year that makes the transition back to school easier! With only one class to occupy the time, there is plenty of free time to be with friends and catch up after the break.
Having only arrived back to campus last night, I am surprised that I feel right back in the swing of things. Unpacking took forever as I continually got distracted mingling with missed college friends! After having a lovely morning breakfast, we all went our separate ways off to the first day of class.
With the first day of J-term nearly over, I look forward to this month of school. With plenty of time to go ice skating or sledding, make tie-die shirts or snowmen, J-term will be a great experience for all my fellow freshman as we continue our first year as a Gustie.


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