United in the best and worst times… Posted on March 7th, 2011 by

Unfortunately there have been a couple of incidents on campus that have the Gustavus community very concerned. Two of our students were assaulted on campus this past weekend and the suspect is still at large. Gustavus always does an excellent job of keeping students informed when there is a safety concern such as troublesome weather or illness, and in this case assault. This afternoon when the campus held a forum for the Gustavus community, I had never seen the chapel so full.. not even for Christmas in Christ Chapel. It was filled with students, professors and faculty who all came out because they were concerned for the campus’ safety. It is a very anxious time.. never before have I had to worry about my own safety and the safety of my colleagues like I have these past two days. After attending the meeting in the chapel it made me feel much more secure to see so many students there showing their support for the victims and for one another. Gustavus has always been a very close knit community, especially now that safety is a concern for everyone I feel like our community is stronger than ever. People are depending on each other for support and safety whether it’s just walking to classes or back to the dorms together with someone you normally wouldn’t, or just talking about it in classes and dealing with these traumatic events in a healthy way. Campus Safety is also making an effort to increase the number of active officers on campus providing safe rides 24/7 across campus and keeping an eye out for suspicious activities. The St. Peter Police Department is also actively investigating these two cases and hopefully the perpetrator(s) will be stopped sooner rather than later.



  1. Adam McHale says:

    That sounds terrible! I am concerned with the current situation and how it is progressing?

  2. Stephanie Duley says:

    So far there haven’t been any more reported attacks.. The information that the Dean’s Office and the St. Peter Police Department can release is very limited, however they are still actively searching for the perpetrator. At the forum on Monday evening the lead detective of the St. Peter Police Department sounded confident that they were close to finding whoever did it. It’s extremely troubling for this community, however people are taking extra precaution to make sure nothing like that happens again.