150 years later we’re still going strong! Posted on September 27th, 2011 by

This fall Gustavus was pleased to welcome its largest incoming  class of first year students, in addition to celebrating the school’s sesquicentennial (a fancy word for 150) it’s going to be a big year for our campus! Just walking around these first few weeks students have already experienced some of the changes we’ve made: the new academic building which was officially dedicated as Beck Academic Hall, and all of the beautiful landscaping around it (beware of the sprinklers!), and a lot of new faces on campus, not just new students but new faculty and staff members as well. So many alumni that I’ve talked to in the last few years are just as excited as current students are about all of the new and exciting changes going on at Gustavus. Even though they might not get to take classes in the New Academic Building, or personally meet new students and professors, just knowing that their college is continuing to grow and change is really a great feeling. In 50 years hopefully I’ll be able to come back to Gustavus and see what new and exciting changes have taken place since this sesquicentennial celebration…

From this one little building 150 years ago we've come a long way!


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