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’tis the season….

No, I’m not talking about the holiday season.  I’m talking about application review season!  If you send in an application to Gustavus, every word of it will be read by a real, live person.  That means hundreds and hundreds of application essays about some really wonderful experiences.  I thought I would share a bit of […]

reflections on Thanksgiving…

Does anyone really look forward to the first day back at work or back at school after a wonderful holiday break?  I would be lying if I said my feet didn’t drag just a little bit on my way in from the parking lot.  Of course, I am fortunate enough to have a job that […]

Travel Season by the Numbers

2066 – Number of miles racked up on my most recent road trip through Iowa and Illinois 10 – Number of college fairs, and number of days over which they occurred, on that trip 29 – Number of nights spent in hotel rooms so far this fall 25 – Approximate number of subs I have […]

“On the road again…”

This was the classic tune that marked the beginning of all of our family vacations when I was younger.  My dad would pop his Willie Nelson cassette into the tape deck and croon right along with the country legend, over the groans of his two daughters, who would have preferred Bon Jovi or Michael Jackson.  […]

Get Involved…

The view from my window here in the Admission Office is even more interesting than usual today.  Table cloths and banners are being straightened, brochures and pamphlets are being distributed, and email lists are being joined.  No, it’s not a college fair, where I would normally be seeing all of these things happen.  It’s the […]

Welcome back, Gusties!

I can’t decide which is the more exciting day on campus.  Is it the Friday before Labor Day weekend, when all of the first-year students arrive on campus?  Or is it today, the first official day of classes? I’m going to declare last Friday the winner in this very tight competition.  The air was ringing […]