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Spring Break 09

Spring Break has nearly arrived, and I am excited for the week break from school.  Classes at Gustavus are hard work, and it will be nice to relax for a while. Many college students use the time off from school to travel some place warm and exotic.  That sounds wonderful, but it is not in […]

Developmental Biology

This semester I am enrolled in a 300 level biology course titled Developmental Biology.  So far, it has been a blast. The lecture portion of the course meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:30 to 12:20.  My favorite topic we learned about was how mature C. elegans, a simple worm, always have 959 cells in […]

Hollingsworth Field

Gustavus recently finished construction on a brand new football facility on campus.  The complex, named Hollingsworth Field, is an impressive stadium for fans and athletes alike. The new football field has been well received by nearly all Gustie students.  Aesthetically, it is very pleasing and it is functional too. What I have been surprised by […]

21+ Dive Night

Each Friday night during the academic year, there is a late night and informal campus wide dance held at Gustavus. These Friday night dances occur in The Dive, which is a large lounge area full of comfy couches, televisions, and a dance floor. Every so often, there is a 21+ Dive night that occurs for […]

Feminist Philosophy

One of my favorite academic decisions that I have made involved choosing philosophy as a minor at Gustavus.  I have had the opportunity to take a wide variety of philosophy courses, and I have enjoyed each of them.  The philosophy department is home to some of the most challenging, interesting, and talented professors at GAC. […]

Cloud Cult

This Saturday, March 7th, Cloud Cult will be giving a performance at Gustavus Adolphus College.  Cloud Cult is a band from Minneapolis Minnesota, and has been making music since 1995.  They have received national recognition from the New York Times, MTV, Spin and Billboard. Cloud Cult has a very unique sound that incorporates elements of […]

Reactions to The Other Shore

Last week, I wrote about the Gustavus Theater and Dance Department’s theatrical presentation, The Other Shore.  After attending the performance this past Friday, I wanted to share my thoughts concerning the show. To begin, the actors and actresses were wonderful.  From the opening sequence unitl the show concluded, the Gusties involved in the play gave […]

Reactions to the Gymnastics Meet

This past Thursday,  February 19th, the Gustavus gymnastics team hosted their final home meet of the season.  The event was held in Lund Center on the basketball court.  The meet lasted from 7-9 p.m., and a lot of Gusties attended the event. I was able to make it to the meet, and was once again […]

The Other Shore

The Other Shore, a play written by Gao Xingjian, will be performed on campus by the Gustavus Theatre and Dance department this weekend.  The Other Shore is a non-realistic play that explores the questions of individuality, community, and freedom. The play was partly chosen in accordance with the themed learning Global Insight Program, which is […]

Developmental Biology Lab

Last week Thursday I took part in my first Developmental Biology lab.  The lab period was 3 hours long, which gave my class plenty of time to perform some pretty neat experiments. Along with two other partners, I explored Sea Urchin fertilization.  Sea Urchins are fine organisms to study because they practice external fertilization.  Additionally, […]