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The end of the semester, without fail, signifies that final examinations are rapidly approaching. Gustie students often need to give their school work additional effort in order finish up the semester on a positive note. While final exams can be quite challenging, they usually are fair. Professors at Gustavus want their students to do well, […]

Fall Schedule

Earlier this week, I officially registered for my fall 2008 courses. In order to be considered a full time student, Gusties must sign up for at least 3.0 credits (a normal course is worth 1 credit) per semester. Next fall semester, I am signed up for 3.88 credits. The whole registration process was online, and […]

Computers At GAC

Buying a computer is an important consideration for many potential college students. It has been several years since I purchased my laptop, and I have a few thoughts on what makes a fine college computer. The first question, of course, is desktop or laptop? There is no doubt that desktops give you the most bang […]

Selecting Courses

It is just about the time of year where GAC students start selecting courses for next fall. I find this process exciting because the diversity of classes at Gustavus is impressive. I truly look forward to taking unique classes about relevant and interesting issues. During the middle of the spring semester, a complete course list […]

The Library

There is no question that the GAC library is fantastic. I might be exposing myself as a bit of a nerd by saying this, but I am passionate enough about the library at Gustavus that I will stick to my claim. With unlimited resources, study rooms, private desks, and an abundance of computers, the library […]


At Gustavus, the last week of classes and final exams usually occur around the middle of May. As a result, May is an exceptionally busy time of year. As classes end, all remaining papers and assignments need to be handed in. On top of that, students need to prepare for final exams, check out of […]

Spring Semester Begins

A little over two weeks ago, the 2007 spring semester began at Gustavus. The familiar buzz returned to campus with the arrival of excited students, faculty, and staff. In preparation for my new classes, I purchased the textbooks that I needed for my courses from the Gustavus bookstore. I was able to purchase my books […]