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One last Christmas in Christ Chapel performance..

Well it’s that time of year: Christmas in Christ Chapel has ended and now I have all this free time on my hands and have NO clue what to do with it. Just kidding!! I have a big stack of books and notes on my desk that are calling (more like screaming) my name. This […]

The Arboretum

On the Southwest side of campus, Gustavus has set aside room for a magnificent nature reserve. This reserve, called the Linnaeus Arboretum (often referred to as the Arb), is a beautiful area that is home to many types of trees, plants, grasses and flowers. Several trails are present throughout the Arboretum, and they provide excellent […]

The Book Mark

The Gustavus Campus Center is home to a unique and wonderful bookstore affectionately called The Book Mark. The Book Mark sells official Gustie clothing and gear, art supplies, books and textbooks, gifts and other helpful items for college students. The bookstore is open Monday through Saturday. They have a cheery and helpful staff that are […]

MAYDAY Peace Conference

This past Wednesday, the Gustavus community hosted the 28th annual Mayday Peace conference. The Mayday peace conference began in 1982, and focuses on relevant social justice issues. Past conferences have addressed “topics such as the necessity and effectiveness of international sanctions, global perspectives on the arms race, the tension between energy and the environment as […]

Computers At GAC

Buying a computer is an important consideration for many potential college students. It has been several years since I purchased my laptop, and I have a few thoughts on what makes a fine college computer. The first question, of course, is desktop or laptop? There is no doubt that desktops give you the most bang […]

Apartment Perks

Four busy, often tired, college students living in one apartment can result in messy rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. When schoolwork, sports, and other social activities are so important to the lives of many Gusties, cleanliness at a college home can easily be ignored. In my apartment, everything else seems wildly more interesting and necessary than […]

Cooking at GAC

After returning to Gustavus from Costa Rica, I moved into Arbor View apartments with some of my good friends. Arbor View appartments offer a sufficient kitchen for residents to cook their own meals. Cooking for myself has been a change because in previous years at Gustavus, I had a meal plan with the GAC cafeteria. […]

National Campus Energy Challenge

As the national community becomes more aware of the costs (environmentally and financially) associated with our energy usage habits, I think it is very important that America’s Colleges act as leaders in promoting energetic responsibility. This issue was especially important to me after returning from my semester abroad in Costa Rica, a country whose average […]

2008 Spring Concert

Every couple of years Gustavus brings a big musical act to campus for students to enjoy. This year, I was very excited to learn that Ben Folds will be performing at Gustavus for the Spring 2008 concert. Ben will be playing at 8:00 P.M. on April 19th. CAB (Campus Activities Board) is the group responsible […]

Keeping it Green

Students often have trouble cramming all of their stuff into the apartment, house, or dorm they plan on living in for the academic year. With clothes, electronics, pictures and furniture all demanding room, it can be an intellectual workout trying to make personal items fit. I currently live in an apartment that, in my opinion, […]