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Waiting for letters

It’s that time of year for high school seniors all around the country: their applications and letters of recommendation have been sent out to to their favorite colleges. Now it’s time to wait for those letters to arrive. I remember going to the mailbox everyday eagerly waiting to hear back from the schools I had […]

Catch the Holiday Spirit at Christmas in Christ Chapel

This upcoming weekend the long awaited Gustavus tradition, Christmas in Christ Chapel will take place! Five shows, three days, multiple musical ensembles, the huge pipe organ: it’s gonna be big!! It’s a hectic time of year as it is without having to deal with extra rehearsals and music memorizing but it’s well worth the time […]

Snowy Days

It’s finally happened: the Gustavus campus as well as the little town of St. Peter was dumped on by approximately 8 inches of snow this weekend! Already last Saturday morning Gusties were out and about all bundled up, chucking snow balls and making snowmen, Hollingsworth field was buried in so much snow the home football […]

Don’t fear your professors!

The professor student relationship is a really important one here at Gustavus and you’ll for sure see that if you visit Gustavus and get the chance to sit in on a class and talk to a professor one on one. They’re great mentors, teachers and colleagues who all want to see their students succeed and […]

Get out and vote Gusties!

Judging by the number of little red “I Voted” stickers floating around campus lots of Gusties went out and voted today at the community center in St. Peter. Even if you aren’t old enough yet to vote you’ve probably heard a lot about the election, some interesting some maybe not so interesting. As a liberal […]

Midterms and more this week…

This week in October is a very busy one for multiple reasons, namely because midterm grades are due by the end of next week! AHHHH!!! However, we do get a couple days off from classes next week (sigh of relief). And in conjunction with MEA break for Minnesota high school students Thursday and Friday are […]

Cold and Flu Season

Students all around campus are starting to display the signs of an all too common plague: stuffy noses, sore throats, coughing and desperately clutching bottles of orange juice and tissues. That’s right, cold and flu season is slowly descending upon us, however to stifle the blow each year the Gustavus Nursing Department graciously holds a […]

How to make food good

This year’s Nobel Conference focused on a very interesting, very important topic that everyone is aware of: Food! Not just any food, but good food and what exactly makes it good. Obviously it’s not the trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and chemicals that I can’t spell and spell check won’t recognize, it’s all about […]

Make your life count? It already does!

Lately there’s been some controversy on campus pertaining to the slogan “Make Your Life Count” which was recently adopted by Gustavus as a part of an effort to reach out to more prospective students. Maybe you’ve already seen one of the billboards with that statement on it. When the phrase was first adopted a lot […]

Happy Homecoming Gusties!

Last night Gustavus kicked off this year’s homecoming week with.. drum roll please! Window painting! Umm… let me explain: each year during homecoming week Gustavus holds a week long competition amongst participating student led organizations who all compete for a grand prize of $1,000! The competitions range from the creative, like window painting to the […]