National Campus Energy Challenge

Posted on March 6th, 2008 by

As the national community becomes more aware of the costs (environmentally and financially) associated with our energy usage habits, I think it is very important that America’s Colleges act as leaders in promoting energetic responsibility. This issue was especially important to me after returning from my semester abroad in Costa Rica, a country whose average citizen requires far less energy than we as Americans use.3607_a.jpg

This year, Gustavus has signaled to the campus community that proper energy usage is a priority by participating in the National Campus Energy Challenge. This Challenge, which occurred during the month of February, involved colleges across the nation competing to reduce the greatest amount of energy.

Throughout the month of February, Gustavus monitored its own energy consumption and developed methods of reducing energy use. Check out the GAC’s energy consumption arranged by building here!!

Students were encouraged to turn off lights when not in use, turn down the thermostat if possible, and take more reasonable showers. The underlying message of the campaign was that small lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce our community’s energy consumption. I am confident that this energy mindfulness will continue at Gustavus, as it is an important step towards becoming an environmentally compatible institution.


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