Apartment Perks

Posted on March 14th, 2008 by

Four busy, often tired, college students living in one apartment can result in messy rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. When schoolwork, sports, and other social activities are so important to the lives of many Gusties, cleanliness at a college home can easily be ignored. In my apartment, everything else seems wildly more interesting and necessary than cleaning.

Luckily, on campus apartments are cleaned once a week by a cleaning staff. Can you believe it!! The cleaning staff wipes off counters in the kitchen, mops the floors, cleans bathroom toilets and showers, and takes out the trash. They do a wonderful job, and make our apartment a much nicer place to live.

Before the cleaning staff arrives every week, my roommates and I do our best to clean our impressive pile of dishes so the staff can do their work. This is important because it forces us to do our part to keep the apartment clean.

I feel fortunate to have a cleaning staff that helps keep my apartment clean. Additionally, on the several occasions that I have met the staff, they have been nothing but courteous and helpful. GAC students are lucky to have such a service on campus.


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