Cooking at GAC

Posted on March 14th, 2008 by

After returning to Gustavus from Costa Rica, I moved into Arbor View apartments with some of my good friends. Arbor View appartments offer a sufficient kitchen for residents to cook their own meals. Cooking for myself has been a changekitchen.jpg because in previous years at Gustavus, I had a meal plan with the GAC cafeteria.

While cooking in an apartment requires a bit planning, I have enjoyed whipping up my own meals. There is a lot of satisfaction that accompanies nicely prepared food.

My favorite original dish this year has been a rice, onion, pea, tomato, and tuna combination. Interesting but tasty. The most common food item that I prepare is pasta, closely rivaled bagels with peanut butter and jelly. Putting a pizza in the oven is always an option when a easy, satisfying meal is needed. In my apartment, we even have a small toaster oven which works well for toasting bread, making hot dogs, and the occasional hot pocket.

I usually eat my own food, but I can also go to the GAC caf and purchase quick meal too.


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