St. Peter Food Co-op

Posted on April 9th, 2008 by

In my previous posts I have mostly given attention to the on-campus community at Gustavus. However, Gustavus is a part of the greater St. Peter community, and as such, Gusties are able to take advantage of the additional resources that St. Peter presents.

A real gem in St. Peter is the Food Co-op. Check out their website here. This small grocery store doesn’t always offer the normal food found in other supermarkets. Rather, the C0-op specializes in natural, organic, and fair trade foods. Nevertheless, the Co-op still has a substantial amount of yummy food items available Some of their food is a bit more expensive, but I am happy to pay more for food that is ethically obtained.

The Co-op also has a full deli, which offers some delicious lunch specials. This past Friday, I purchased a pesto, provolone cheese , tomato, lettuce, and olive sandwich that was absolutely wonderful. The environment of the St. Peter Co-op is exciting too. They have a small but sufficient dinning area with a raised stage that sometime attracts some local performers. It is a good place to read a book and eat a meal.

Living at Gustavus gives students the opportunity to really make their own food choices, and I think the St. Peter Co-op offers a great natural option for some food lovers.


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