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Holy Moley it’s Thanksgiving Break already?!

It must be since I’m writing this blog on my parent’s computer in my jammies: a sure sign that a break has started! This is a much needed break since the last few weeks at Gustavus have been exceptionally busy for many students. Luckily some classes, rehearsals and practices were cancelled Tuesday afternoon to allow students more […]

Critical Thinking at the College Level; it happens A LOT around here!

Which is a good thing, after all it was 17th century poet John Donne who wrote “The University is a paradise..” And indeed it is, because students are not only expected to think critically about the world around us but it’s encouraged! Unfortunately the same can not be said for all places in the world, […]

Are the brain and the mind the same thing?

Hopefully over the next two days of listening to various lectures about neuroscience at the 47th Nobel Conference myself and others will be able to answer that question… maybe? The human brain is incredibly complex, just probing the surface of the fascinating subject of neuroscience reveals how we may never know what the human brain […]

150 years later we’re still going strong!

This fall Gustavus was pleased to welcome its largest incoming  class of first year students, in addition to celebrating the school’s sesquicentennial (a fancy word for 150) it’s going to be a big year for our campus! Just walking around these first few weeks students have already experienced some of the changes we’ve made: the […]

United in the best and worst times…

Unfortunately there have been a couple of incidents on campus that have the Gustavus community very concerned. Two of our students were assaulted on campus this past weekend and the suspect is still at large. Gustavus always does an excellent job of keeping students informed when there is a safety concern such as troublesome weather […]

Discover Gustavus

Yet again comes the busy busy Discover Gustavus event day. With numerous students visiting campus today, we as tour guides hope to show perspective students like you just how great Gustavus is! For those of you who have yet to come see our beautiful campus, I will give you a quick synopsis of what a […]

And We’re Off!

J-term is in full swing as some of you may have guessed seeing how it’s January 11th. With classes that range from graphic design to Chinese films to Fact and Fiction the options to explore outside the “normal” required classes for a major is seemingly endless. Today in my Graphic design class my professor told […]

We’re back!

After what felt like too short of a break, many Gusties are back on campus for the month as they enroll in a January term course. What is that you may be thinking?? Gustavus requires students to partake in two J-term courses throughout their four years here. It can be anything from a class to […]

It’s that time of year!

This morning the professor for our 8am class surprised our drowsy class with bagels, juice and of course coffee! What’s the occasion? It’s the last day of classes for fall semester, meaning Winter/Holiday break is just around the corner! But before then there’s still the issue of final tests and papers and projects to contend […]

Waiting for letters

It’s that time of year for high school seniors all around the country: their applications and letters of recommendation have been sent out to to their favorite colleges. Now it’s time to wait for those letters to arrive. I remember going to the mailbox everyday eagerly waiting to hear back from the schools I had […]