Fall Schedule

Posted on April 16th, 2008 by

Earlier this week, I officially registered for my fall 2008 courses. In order to be considered a full time student, Gusties must sign up for at least 3.0 credits (a normal course is worth 1 credit) per semester. Next fall semester, I am signed up for 3.88 credits. The whole registration process was online, and I am satisfied with how things turned out.

I will be taking Ancient Philosophy, Zen and Japanese Culture, Interpreting the Fall Landscape, Senior Seminar, Relaxation, and Pre-law Seminar. A diverse list of classes!

I am looking forward to all of my courses, but right now I am particularly excited for Zen and Japanese Culture. It is a class offered through the religion department. The following is an excerpt from the course description, “Corresponding attention will be given to the cultural expression of Zen, particularly in Japan: haiku poetry, sumi-e painting, the Noh theatre, raku ceramics, the tea ceremony, the martial arts, landscape gardens, and flower arrangement.” I think that the course will be a unique compliment to the other courses I have taken at Gustavus.

Registration at Gustavus is a slick process and allows GAC students to create a class schedule that has character. By that I mean each GAC student is able to pick courses that best reflect their interests and personalize an academic roster, that will both challenge and reward.


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