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The end of the semester, without fail, signifies that final examinations are rapidly approaching. Gustie students often need to give their school work additional effort in order finish up the semester on a positive note. While final exams can be quite challenging, they usually are fair. Professors at Gustavus want their students to do well, and I have always felt that professors have assisted me in final examination preparation in any way they can.

This semester, I have two final exams, two final papers, and a final presentation. I certainly have a lot of work to do, but I think that if I budget my time well, I should be able to finish up my work just fine. Like any other part of the academic semester, budgeting time wisely is important during finals week.

Finals often contribute a good portion to the final grade one receives in a class. My final examinations have typically constituted 20%-40% of my final grade. This may seem like a lot, and it is, but it is also important to remember that finals are simply the conclusion to a semester long of learning and discovery. Finals are a chance to show what you know.

Final exams require a lot of work. However, the feeling you get after completing all your tests is extraordinary. I don’t look forward to finals season, but I do view it as a positive challenge. It is one last extreme moment of academic devotion, followed by a blissful release of stress.


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