China Teach-in

Posted on September 11th, 2008 by

Today I attended a pretty neat program sponsored by the Gustavus Global Insight program.  The Gustavus Global Insight program is a campus-wide program in which Gustavus students, faculty and staff focus on one country, region or global issue during the academic year.  Appropriately enough, this years program is on China.

The event featured seven different 20-minute presentations by Gustavus faculty members on various topics concerning China.  These topics ranged from discussions of China’s economy and government, to issues concerning religion and the olympics.

I found the whole event to be very informative.  I appreciated that professors from many different academic backrounds participated in the program in order to share their thoughts concerning China.

I decided to join a book group this year in order to learn even more about China.  My book group will study China through the lense of food.  For instance, our first book is titled Feeding China’s Little Emperors, and will focus on the transformation of Chinese childern’s food habits resulting from the new market economy of China.

China is a powerful participant in the global economy, and I am eager to learn more about its great history.


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