Posted on September 24th, 2008 by

In accordance with the colleges increased focus on reducing their environmental impact, the Gustavus Dining Service has launched a new program called Gustieware.  Gustieware will feature reusable plastic to-go containers that students  can use if they want to  get food from the caf but take it somewhere else on campus.  The tupperware like containers are free of charge, but they must be returned to the cafeteria within 24 hours to be washed, and so other people have the opportunity to use them.

I don’t have a meal plan this year, but on occasion, I visit the caf for a quick lunch or snack.  I am really excited about Gustieware.  The containers are solidly built, easy to use, and keep food safe in a backpack.  They are a bit of a pain to return, but spending any effort on reusable containers is well worth it.

I am pleased that the college has chosen to “go green” in the cafeteria.  Gustieware gives students the chance to be environmentally mindful of their eating choices on a daily basis.  I am confident that creative solutions like Gustieware will continue to take place on the Gustavus campus.


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