End of the Semester

Posted on December 15th, 2008 by

Last night,  students enjoyed a final study break in order to take advantage of free food served by faculty and staff in the cafeteria.  This event is called Midnight Express, and is held each semester the night before finals, from 10 pm to midnight.  Nachos, carrots, muffins, bananas, buffalo wings, pretzels, and ice cream are available for hungry students.  I met the new president of Gustavus, President Ohle, last night as he served me buffalo wings.  It was pretty neat.  The night also features the Gustavus Jazz band.  Midnight Express is one of my favorite events on campus, it feels like a feast at Hogwarts.

Finals week starts today, and many students are busy preparing for their exams and papers. I have two exams this week.  Fortunately, I am done tomorrow, but some students will stay on campus until Thursday.

Christmas recess lasts until January 4th, after which students can return for Jterm if they wish.  Jterm is a month long mini-semester in which students take just one class.  It is more laid back than a normal semester, so students have time to take advantage of all Gustavus offers.  Some of my apartment mates are particularily excited for the Jterm broomball league, which is more competitive than you might think.

I will be spending my time in St. Cloud busily preparing for the LSAT, which is the law school admissions test.  Not a glamorous way to spend Jterm, but it will be wonderful to be able to focus all my attention on test preparations.  Others who won’t be on campus can study abroad, work, intern, or relax.

I have had a near perfect semester.  Every week was fun, interesting and unique.  This will be my last blog post until February.  I am excited to share stories about Gustavus come spring semester.  Happy Holidays!


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