Feminist Philosophy

Posted on March 5th, 2009 by

One of my favorite academic decisions that I have made involved choosing philosophy as a minor at Gustavus.  I have had the opportunity to take a wide variety of philosophy courses, and I have enjoyed each of them.  The philosophy department is home to some of the most challenging, interesting, and talented professors at GAC.

This spring, I am taking a philosophy course titled Feminist Philosophy.  So far in the class, we have examined gendered biases that are present in aesthetics and art.  It has become apparent that gender has shaped some important aesthetic values, including beauty and subjectivity.  Furthermore, I have come to appreciate the difficult task of inverting these gendered stereotypes in art, a process that many feminist artists must undertake.

An especially exciting component of my Feminist Philosophy course is the class discussion that occurs each period.  Gustavus classes are usually relatively small, and Feminist Philosophy is no different. There are approximately 15 students in the class, and this allows for an intimate discussion.  I continually find that my ideas are challenged and refined by my classmates.  I cannot express enough how meaningful this discussion is, and how much it helps me develop sound ideas.

Courses like Feminist Philosophy remind me how special Gustavus is.  It is an academic setting that challenges students to find excellence in many disciplines.


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