Holy Moley it’s Thanksgiving Break already?! Posted on November 23rd, 2011 by

It must be since I’m writing this blog on my parent’s computer in my jammies: a sure sign that a break has started! This is a much needed break since the last few weeks at Gustavus have been exceptionally busy for many students. Luckily some classes, rehearsals and practices were cancelled Tuesday afternoon to allow students more time to travel safely to wherever they’re headed this Thanksgiving. More vacation time is always a plus, since come Monday, Gusties will begin that last stretch of classes and finals before fall semester ends. Already?? YES! Crazy how fast time flies when you’re a busy college student.. These breaks with my family and friends from home really help me slow down my hectic schedule: Movie night? OF COURSE! :) Because once classes start it’s rare that I get a chance to see them.. so in the meantime school can wait, I’m meeting a friend for coffee.. I’ll try and squeeze in a Harry Potter movie marathon with my family later :)


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