Jogging through St. Peter

Posted on March 16th, 2010 by

Now normally I hate running outside and prefer the elliptical machines in Lund Center, but just this past year at Gustavus I’ve discovered that it’s actually a really nice change from the gym. Now that the snow is starting to melt I couldn’t resist throwing on my running shoes and jogging around the streets of St. Peter. The town itself is so easy to navigate it’s almost impossible to get lost, plus Gustavus is just up the hill, so I haven’t gotten lost yet on any of my excursions J The sights one sees along the way in and out of town are quite nice too, like the old, quaint little houses, lots of big trees, the occasional gray squirrel, and of course fellow runners and walkers. What I love best is finishing out my short jog in the arb. It’s just so peaceful and relaxing to go there especially after running up a hill to my heavy metal/punk playlist blasting in my ears. This past Sunday morning I couldn’t believe how many birds I heard singing when I took out my earbuds and listened to them. The arb is a really popular place for students to go running, walking, studying or just hang out and reacquaint yourself with nature. I look forward to how active and awake the arb will be once spring arrives in all its blossoming splendor.



  1. So true. Arb is awesome for cross country skiing too. Good three-mile run route in SP begins at Seventh and Grace, continues south up Seventh past the flowering crab trees near College Avenue in May, breezes down the backstreet of South Elementary to Washington, rides the long gradual downhill to Freeman Drive and goes back to the start the same way. Best ever for jogging is the 8-loop at Seven Mile Creek County Park between St. Peter and Mankato. Ask Judy at Cornerstone. Definitely run the three-miler in a group to keep it safe. Looked like wolf tracks in the snow last week, precarious creek crossing on a downed tree in high-water zone, challenging hills that want to twist ankles … Overall incredible trail condition for soft footfalls easy on the knees. Hum of the creek keeps a motivating be beat. Ty for nice words about streets of st. peter. My family has loved this town for 14 years. Bring on the singing birds. Spring starts tomorrow :) !!!

  2. Bethany says:

    I just moved to St Peter last fall from Mankato and I enjoy it a lot. I’m also getting out and running a little – any other fantastic routes I should know about???? Anyone I can jog/run with would be welcome as well, I get lonely out there myself sometimes :-)