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What’s your story?

Last Saturday morning (8:30am to be exact) all of the admission office employees were asked by one of our newest counselors, Adam Tehle ’07, to plumb the deepest fathoms of our souls in search for our story; not just any story, but the story of how each of us ended up choosing to go to […]

Welcome home Gusties!

The first day of classes at Gustavus got off to a very very windy start, but that definitely didn’t hinder the excitement of starting classes and getting back into the swing of things – like waking up at 7:00am with the intent of going to class and being an engaged learner. Ok maybe not so […]

The last blog of the semester

Here it is: The last blog of the year… I know right?! I can’t believe it either… it seems like just yesterday Megan sent out that email asking for potential Gustie Bloggers and now here we are, tomorrow is the final day of classes and then our exams begin. It’s so daunting, each year that […]

Rainy Days and Saying Goodbye..

Well.. on the bright side with crappy weather there’s one less thing to distract busy Gusties during these busy final weeks of spring semester, unfortunately it may deter some of the barbeques and outdoor celebrations that were planned months in advance before anyone could predict rain and a high of 50° in the middle of […]

Suicide Awareness Week

Last week dozens of little white wooden stakes with a pale yellow ribbon tied around them were placed on Eckman Mall as a sobering reminder of all the people lost in the United States each day to suicide. Each year the Tau Mu Tau sorority at Gustavus plans a series of events dedicated to suicide […]

HELP! I need somebody!

This week has been insane! Not just for me, but for lots of people on campus, I don’t know why it just seems like everyone has a lot on their plates and not a whole lot of time to finish it.. On top of that the Gustavus community suffered a little, ok a pretty big […]

Looking back at high school

This past Saturday was the prom at my alma mater, or old high school I guess; and it was also my sister and her boyfriend’s first ever prom, so it’s a big deal. So big in fact my sister asked her big sister to come home for the weekend to do her hair and makeup […]

Some good advice

For all of you high school seniors out there getting ready to embark out into the “real world” of college brace yourself to be bombarded with lots and LOTS of advice from people, from your family, older friends, your 80 year old great aunt, it seriously comes from all corners, which my mom must have […]

Stories of Neuroscience

To the reader of this blog it might seem strange that an English major would be in an introductory neuroscience class. Yep. Take that in for a moment, I realize it’s pretty crazy. But it’s definitely a good kind of crazy, a stepping-out-of-your boundaries crazy that opens your eyes to new ideas that you normally […]

These are a few of my favorite things.. at Gustavus!

Yes, I know this is a cheesy “Sound of Music” reference, but over the last few semesters at Gustavus I’ve realized that there are some things that I really enjoy about Gustavus that I wouldn’t have discovered if I didn’t go here: Blueberry muffin tops cereal, it’s sooo addicting! Garlic cheesy bread on whole grain […]